Bob Bly, the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter” – and the author of 95 published books -- asks….

Do You Have Any of These Freelance Copywriting Problems?

Now, if any of these problems are YOUR problems ... or might be some day …

…then read my letter below now to get smart strategies for solving all of these woes - and dozens more - 100% risk-free!

Dear Copywriter:

Every business, profession, job, and career on Earth has its problems and headaches.

And freelance copywriting is no exception.

That’s why Penny Hunt and I just published our new business guide for freelance copywriters … The Copywriter’s Problem Solver: the 62 Most Common Problems Freelance Copywriters Face—and One Good Answer to Each.

With it, you can:

  • Generate more leads and inquiries.
  • Get better clients and projects.
  • Double or triple your writing income.
  • Handle great writing assignments that you absolutely love doing.
  • Keep clients happy and becoming back for more.
  • Gain control of your money, cash flow, and finances.
  • Totally love your freelance writing life.
  • And so much more….

No matter how good you are or how well you’re doing, I bet you want to be even more successful in your freelance copywriting business than you are today!

That’s why I am inviting you today to try our freelance copywriting problem-solving guide in your business totally risk-free.

Freelance copywriting – once difficult, now easier!

Remember, it’s not just enough to get good at copywriting to succeed in the freelance copywriting business.

You also have to get good – really good – at not just the “copywriting” part … but also at the “freelance” and the “business” part.

And that’s precisely what The Copywriter’s Problem Solver can help you do – better and faster than you’d eventually figure it out (and some people never do) going it alone.

In this ebook, you will discover:

  • Proven ways to generate more sales leads than you could ever possibly hope to handle – and stay busy all year long. Page 2.
  • Must you network to gain contacts and clients? The answer may surprise you – but in a good way, especially if you are an introvert. Page 13.
  • What to do when the client proposes a deadline that is too short and doesn’t give you enough time to do a proper job. Page 33.
  • What to do when a client doesn’t return your calls or emails, or doesn’t sign your project agreement. Page 25.
  • How to significantly upgrade the quality of potential clients who are calling you and the desirability of the projects being offered you. Page 5.
  • 6 ways to make sure your copy is good enough before you submit it to your clients. Page 27.
  • How to get your dream clients you want to hire you – even if they are not located in your town, city, state, or even the same country. Pages 16 and 55 show you how simple and easy it can be.
  • How to come up with big ideas so you can write breakthrough promotions for your clients. Page 28.
  • What to do when you hand it in your copy – and much to your shock and dismay, the client unexpectedly hates it. Page 33.
  • A proven script for getting prospects to take the next step … and ask you to quote on a copywriting project. Page 7.
  • What to do when you think the product or assignment is too technical or difficult for you to understand. The simple technique on page 29 will put you at ease and turn a losing situation into a winning one.
  • What you need to ask a potential client before you accept a project from them. Page 16.
  • What to do if you believe a client is talking to you in a rude, brusque, obnoxious, abrasive, or otherwise unacceptable manner. Page 34.
  • How to write interesting copy for a “boring” product, topic, industry, or market. Page 32.
  • Make sure you write great headlines with these 8 basic headline styles and the 4 U’s formula. Page 31.
  • 10 steps to picking the right copywriting niche. Page 8.
  • What to do when clients don’t pay their bills on time or even refuse to pay. Starts on page 37.
  • How to correctly price your services to ensure a decent profit -- without having prospects run away because they think the price is too high. Page 18.
  • 4 reasons having your own e-list will make you more successful as a freelance copywriter – and 5 ways to build your list reliably, easily, and steadily. Page 9.
  • 9 reasons why you should never, ever work on spec. Page 20.
  • What to do if you get sick or injured … and can’t meet you’re a client deadline. Page 48.
  • Are freelance copywriters supposed to add sales tax on client invoices for copywriting projects? Page 43.
  • Best corporate structures for your freelance copywriting business. Page 52.
  • What to do when the client gives you their revisions and changes … and you are absolutely convinced their changes are bad -- and will kill any chance of the promotion working. Page 35.
  • Must you publish your own e-newsletter to survive and thrive as a freelance copywriter? Answer on page 12.
  • Must you extend credit to clients who are local … out of state … overseas? Page 36.
  • Should freelance copywriters carry liability insurance? Answer on page 51.
  • Must you love or even like writing to be a successful freelance copywriter. Page 56.
  • How to protect you and your family against financial disaster with affordable health insurance coverage. Page 46.
  • How to create agreements and contracts that clients willingly sign -- and which protect both you and them from harm. Page 22.
  • Can you take stuff from the web and use it in your copy without permission? Page 53.
  • Do you need to take PayPal payments? And which credit cards if any should you accept? Page 24. Also: Do you absorb the payment processing charge … or add it to your invoice to the client? Page 45.
  • How to keep clients coming back to you -- and prevent slowdowns in your workload. Page 57.
  • And so much more….

Act now and save $20

The list price of our new Copywriter’s Problem Solver is a very reasonable $49.

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That’s right. If, after reviewing The Copywriter’s Problem Solver, you are not 100% satisfied for any reason … or for no reason at all … just let me know within 90 days.

I’ll refund your payment in full. Without question or quibble.

And you may still keep the ebook – yours free, my gift to you.

That way, you risk nothing.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Bob Bly

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In this report, you will discover:

  • 5 steps for handling the critically dissatisfied client – page 3.
  • Using no-risk and free offers to stimulate continued patronage – page 17.
  • Make the gatekeeper your ally in client retention instead of your enemy – page 14.
  • Help the client find a way NOT to fire you – page 13.
  • What to do when the client won’t return your phone call – page 17.
  • The 10 early warning signs that you should take swift action to prevent a client from leaving you – page 2.
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